JH Studios


Creative work experience. I have developed proven methods that will enhance drawing skills while introducing techniques in many different media. At various stages, students work in pencil, colored pencils, ink, chalks, charcoals, pastels, oil pastels, and watercolor paints and pencils.

My classes are small. Learning is individualized, and I also offer private lessons by the hour. During the school year, continuing classes allow students to build fundamental skills progressively in ongoing programs designed to push students to their potential. I allow students to be introduced to each new medium as they are ready to expand to new processes and then start to combine media. This gives them greater confidence in their creative ability and skill. The summer art classes provide an introduction to many varieties of wonderful still life settings in my extensive gardens.

I offer classes both at my home studio on a weekly basis at $25.00/ hour and I hold summer classes as well, private and group.  For additional information, please feel free to contact me at Rippart@aol.com


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